Friday, March 20, 2015

Letter to my children

To my kids,

Soccer season is starting again. Oh soccer season. How I love you and dread you at the same time. This season all four of you are playing. You, my sweet girl, have been so excited, well except for last night, but hopefully that was just a one time thing. :)

We have not had a game yet, but we have had multiple practices. And with all four of you playing, it seems we have practice all of the time. Thank goodness the four of you love going out to the soccer fields/parks, and can entertain each other playing catch, kicking the soccer ball, wrestling or just being plain silly. Hopefully this is a good season, full of fun and laughter!



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Terri Collins said...

You always get such great action shots and in any kind of light too! I love the one of your girl kicking the ball - perfect! Have a great season!!

Kari Ganske said...

Love the action shots! And the last one of your daughter in the net is fabulous. Good luck this season!